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Lucindas Country Crafts • One stop for Country and Primitives
 We design and manufacture all of our custom made furniture. We use only the finest materials, finishes, and fabrics. Our wood details are all hand carved. Your window is your eyes to the world inside your house. A good fixture, lighting and roller blinds or a pretty drapery would be perfect to view the outside scenery.

As compared to Curtains which have been used since centuries, Blinds are a newer entrant in the realm of Window Treatment options.  But Window Blinds today have matured enough to offer a commendable alternative to Curtains.  And in the context of functionality & ease of use they even outperform the erstwhile Curtain.

Devised from a fairly simple system of slats which are held together by cords that run through them, Blinds have the ability to regulate the amount of light needed with tremendous precision.  Just by a twist of the rod, the slats can be tilted to control the quantum of day light required for the indoors.  And if privacy is needed they can be turned all the way to shut the view completely.  Slats can also be stacked tightly by a simple pull of the cords causing the blinds to fully open letting the sun shine through.

Besides the manual way of controlling, motorised blinds are a sophisticated alternative of operating blinds, either through a handheld remote control or wall switch.  

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